www.canon.com/ijsetup – Canon Printer Setup Support

www.canon.com/ijsetup is a website, which will help you to get latest and updated drivers for Canon Printer. Once you download Canon Printer drivers below steps will help you to install Canon Printer.

www.canon.com/ijsetup – Install Canon USB Printer On Windows.

www.canon.com/ijsetup | canon.com/ijsetup

Follow given instructions to setup Canon Printer USB connection on Windows computer.

  1. Unbox your Printer and assemble the cartridges.
  2. Connect your computer and Printer thru USB cable connection.
  3. It will automatically detect your Printer and install the drivers.
  4. If it did not start the Printer setup automatically you need to do it manually.
  5. Open your Internet browser and visit Canon official website which is canon.com/ijsetup.
  6. Enter your Printer model showing in front of the Printer (Example: Canon MX490).
  7. It will automatically detect your computer operating system, click on search and download the latest and updated Canon Printer drivers as compatible with your computer.
  8. Now double click on Canon Printer setup downloaded file accept the agreement and follow the on screen instructions.
  9. Once setup will complete confirm with test print.

Note: You need to purchase new USB cable as USB cable won’t come with New Printer.

How to configure Canon wireless Printer via USB cable on Windows computer?

Below are the instructions which help you in setting up Canon wireds Printer with USB cable connection.

  1. First check and confirm your computer has working internet connection.
  2. Connect your Printer to Windows Computer with USB cable connection.
  3. It will automatically install the drivers but you need to download drivers manual for wireless connection.
  4. Open google and look for www.canon.com/ijsetup.
  5. Once Canon official website open enter your Printer model, select your Computer operating system and download latest and updated drivers for your Canon computer.
  6. Once drivers downloaded, open Canon Printer setup file downloaded from www.canon.com/ijsetup.
  7. Accept the license agreement, after few clicks you need to select setup wireless connection with USB method.
  8. After few more clicks you will see the list of available WIFI networks, select your WIFI network and enter the password then hit next.
  9. It will download the latest drivers for Canon Printer.
  10. Once you see your Canon Printer drivers installed and connected successfully check with test print.

Note: Once drivers will install successfully unplug the USB cable to check wireless connection working fine or not.

How to install & setup Canon wireless Printer without USB cable on Windows computer?

Here I will tell you about the steps require in setting up your Canon wireless Printer without USB cable on Windows computer.

  1. First locate the WPS button on your WIFI router.
  2. Inbox your Printer connect all the parts and turn ON your Printer.
  3. Open run command on Windows computer and type control then press ok.
  4. It will open control panel on your Computer, now click on add Printer.
  5. It will search for available Printers, select your Printer and press next.
  6. After few clicks it will install the latest and updated drivers for your Canon Printer.
  7. If your Printer not in the lsit visit Canon Printer drivers official website canon.com/ijsetup.
  8. Type your Printer model number and select your operating system then download the drivers for your Canon Printer.
  9. Once download from www.canon.com/ijsetup will finish open the driver file for Canon Printer.
  10. Click on accept license agreement.
  11. After few clicks it will ask you to push WPS button.
  12. Now press WPS button on your WIFI router and then press OK button on your Canon Printer within 2 minutes of pressing WPS button.
  13. Now it will install and update the latest drivers for your Canon Printer.
  14. Once you see connection success on Printer screen check with test Print.

Note: Make sure your computer and Printer both are connected within the same WIFI connection.