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How to install Brother USB Printer on Windows from

Follow below steps to setup Brother Printer on Windows computer with USB connection.

  • Unpack and assemble your Brother Printer, connect Printer to computer with USB cable.
  • Once your Printer is ON and connected successful, it will install your Printer automatically.
  • If your computer will not find driver for your Printer then do it manually.
  • Open your internet browser and visit
  • Enter your Printer model and download drivers according to your windows OS.
  • Once driver download finished double click and open Brother Printer drivers file.
  • Click on accept and follow the instructions on screen.
  • Once setup completed, test with print.

Note: You need to buy a USB cable, as USB cable won’t come with new Brother Printer.

How to connect Brother Wireless Printer with USB cable?           

  • Connect your Brother Printer to windows computer with the help of USB cable.
  • Once it will install automatic drivers, download drivers again.
  • Visit and download latest and updated driver for Brother Printer as per your windows operating system.
  • Open Brother Printer installation drivers file and select install wireless Printer with USB connection.
  • After few click, it will show you list of available wireless connections.
  • Select your wireless connection and enter WIFI password to connect with WIFI.
  • Once your Printer connected successfully verify with test Print.

Note: Once your Printer connected to wireless router, unplug the USB cable to check wireless connection.

How to setup Brother Wireless Printer without USB cable?

  • Locate the WPS button on wireless router, require afterwards.
  • Turn ON your Printer and make sure your computer is connected with wireless router.
  • Go to control panel on windows computer and hit on add Printer.
  • It will open list of Printers, select your Printer and hit next.
  • If your Printer not in the list you need to install manually.
  • Go to download latest updated drivers for Brother Printer compatible with your operating system.
  • Open Brother Printer drivers file click accept on license and agreement.
  • After some clicks, it will ask you to press WPS button.
  • Press WPS button on your WIFI router then press WIFI button on Brother Printer within 2 minutes.
  • Once you see connection successful on printer screen, confirm it with test print.

Note: To install wireless Printer setup for Brother your computer and Printer both are connected with same internet connection.

Now you all know steps to install Brother Printer from official website If you still have any question or enquiry click on contact us and fill the form.