What is Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility?

Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility

Epson Connect Printer setup utility supplies mobile services that allow you to scan and print from anywhere. You are able to print photos and documents together with your smart phone, tablet computer, or mobile computer from your home, your office, or anywhere on earth. In case you send scanned data to a Epson Connect compatible printer, you may use the printer as a color facsimile. You might even use your Epson printer to scan a document and upload it to a specific destination, such as an internet storage or”Cloud” account. Access the Epson Connect portal website from the following URL: https://www.epsonconnect.com/

The following services are available.

  • Email Print (Publish your photos and files from anywhere simply by sending an email.)
  • Scan to Cloud (Scan your documents and photos to a”Cloud”.)
  • Epson i-Print (An wireless monitoring app for iOS or Android tablets and tablets.)
  • Epson Remote Driver (For remote printing over The Internet.)

Note: Available services can differ Based on the model Used. Information on services might also be upgraded. For more details on available services or to find the latest information, see your regional Epson site.

Epson Connect services. The following section provides a list of every service.

User Page

Information, and configure print settings or email notifications. Access the User Page from the smartphone, tablet computer, or computer linked to the Internet. Access the Epson Connect printer setup utility User Page Sign-In page in the following URL: Https://www.epsonconnect.com/user/ After enrolling your printer and accounts To Epson Connect, you can perform the following in the User Page:

  • Displaying the registered printer(s) list for The Epson Connect service
  • Displaying and cancelling print jobs for Email Print along with the Remote Printing service
  • Creating and editing the Approved Senders List For the Mail Print service
  • Editing information to your user account and Registered printer to the Epson Connect ceremony
  • Settings for email notifications
  • Enabling Remote Print and placing an Access Key For the Remote Print service
  • Creating and editing the Destination List for The Scan to Cloud service


If You Would like to use Remote Print services (Epson IPrint or Epson Remote Driver), you have to check that Remote Programmer is enabled on the User Page.

If You Would like to use the Scan to Cloud support, then You need to produce a Destination List

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